This week I was lucky enough to catch up with Jaimee Leigh Curtis, a dear friend from Australia who runs an inspiring social group called "Owning Your Beauty." I am tickled she finds me interesting enough to interview, but also more tickled that I learned a lot about my recent personal growth simply by answering her questions. I hope you enjoy my responses... and maybe you get so excited you decide to answer the prompts, as well. xo


Jaimee Leigh Curtis: What's been your favourite moment this week? 

Me: I completed a fun collaboration with a dear friend of mine and seeing the entire project come to fruition is incredibly beautiful and rewarding! I created the copy for her website and we worked together through emails and Skype to make sure the words and ideas were all hers- I was simply expressing her voice in an eloquent way. I’m in love with it… probably because I love her so much! Check out how cute she is and her beautiful offerings: 

JLC: What three things are closest to your heart? 

Me: Family. Friends (this includes furry ones- they should fit in somewhere here!). Living a life I’m passionate about. 

JLC: What has had the greatest impact on you in your life? 

Me: I met a Canadian boy (man sounds so odd, though I am definitely old enough to be using that word!) a few years ago and the implications of an international relationship have forced me to grow in a profound way I never imagined. Living in the now is paramount because you will waste years looking ahead to the next time you will be together or the moment the two of you can legally live and work in the same country. Due to the nature of our relationship we have lived and worked in three countries in the last two to three years. These challenges have illuminated every one of my weaknesses and though the situation is not ideal, I have lived and loved, met the most incredible people worldwide, and gained immense strength and independence in the process. 

JLC: What are you most proud of? 

Me: Due to my nomadic lifestyle mentioned above, it’s probably my ability to roll with the punches. Sometimes I can smile about it. Hey, it could be worse. And in the end, love conquers all. 

JLC: What do you love most about yourself? 

Me: I am a dreamer. I realize that phrase is brutally overused, but it’s the truth. Even if I am sitting outside by myself, life never gets old. There’s always a scheme, a mission, a vision, a plan. 

JLC: What do you believe to be your 3 greatest strengths? 

Me: Seeing the bright side. Being easily excitable about other people’s visions and goals. Supporting them with their endeavors. Oh, and I’m in love with my daily planner/diary (obsessed is a better word)… not that you asked :) 

JLC: What has been the most valuable advise your mum shared with you? 

Me: My mum is the hardest working person I know. She has always put family first and she is the glue that holds us together. I don’t have a family of my own, but I think being “the glue” is a valuable trait for a person to have regardless if it’s for a group of friends, family, or even a business. The glue is what keeps everyone connected, seen, heard, and loved, and moving in the same direction. 

JLC: What one lesson you would like the world to hear? 

Me: “There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could hear their story”. I’m not sure whose quote this was originally, but each of us have a story that would make another person cry. I think this is an important thing to remember when meeting someone new or even if a stranger is having a bad day and may not be on his or her best behavior. We are all human and we are in this together. One day, we may be lucky enough to sit down and share stories. 

JLC: What are you most looking forward to? 

Me: As much as I am enjoying the here and now, I am looking forward to my partner’s immigration paperwork going through so he can come live in California with me. It’s been a few years in the making- I am ready for it to be over so we can move forward, together, with our lives. (And I have so much planned that is pending due to this arduous process! Yoga retreats, more excursions, possibly grad school…)

JLC: Tell us about your role/business and what you love about it.  

Me: I have a few baskets I dip my hands into… and more baskets I’d be grasping if I had extra hands! My forever job is teaching yoga- regardless of any future endeavors I pursue, this will be a constant for me. I love being involved in people’s lives in a positive way. With yoga, it is challenging them on their mat to sit with the uncomfortable (whether that is a stimulating pose, or simply breathing and doing “nothing”) so they can discover who they are in those beautiful, quiet, empty moments. 

I am also a writer and I balance creating content for myself and other people. This spring, I completed a really fun project with Corona Extra Canada that involved plenty of snow-cold cervezas. What fun! Currently, I am helping people express their voice and their purpose through creative copy so they can share their brand and authenticity with the world. On a personal level, I have always had a blog with a pen name where I divulged many journal entries. I have also contributed content to various online travel and lifestyle magazines under my own name. These two things have finally married themselves in my mind. In an effort to share everything “Kacey”, without hiding being pen names, I am in the middle of creating my own blog. It’s not finished yet, but here is my “About” for a little sneak-peak-a-roonie! 

“For the movers, the shakers, and the makers- the ones who scribble their visions throughout their day from a splendid palette of optimism, creativity, and confidence. This is for the dreamers, the roamers, and the ramblers- the ones with notebooks full of ideas, hearts full of longing, and eyes full of wonder. This is for the introverts who embrace us with their silent strength and also those wild ones wreaking havoc through laughter and thrill. This is for those who lift their chin in response to cattiness, and the ones who look to each other as equals- another soul with something to share, a story to be heard, and a person to love. This is for artists who comprehend the world through lenses adorned with honesty and humility, for gypsies who pirouette down their own path, and adventurers who curl their toes against the whipping wind of freedom. But mostly, this is for you.”

JLC: Tell us about what your most passionate about and why? 

Me: I love dreams that turn into projects, and then seeing them come to fruition by means of hard work, patience, scraped knees, and lots of love. 

JLC: Share with us a pic of yourself to post with your answers and why this is your favourite picture.

Me: This is one of my favorite photos because… well… it reminds me that I have the strength to get through those though times. I will let my Instagram post from that day do the talking: 
“Yesterday I found an organic apple that actually tasted like a green Jolly Rancher, which balanced out spilling water on my MacBook Pro last week (just in time for Black Friday) and cracking my MINI's catalytic converter yesterday (nope, no sales there). But today we walked a few miles in the rain, commented on how cool the fog looked rolling through the valley, and then came home, tea cups raised high, and toasted to always getting through tough times.” (Photo by my partner in crime, @momentswithmitch.)

JLC: How can the  [Owning Your Beauty] tribe best connect with you? (Website, social links) 

Me: Current website: // Collaborative travel blog with my man: // Instagram: @kaceyyoga // Email:

JLC: Is there anything the [Owning Your Beauty] tribe can help you with? 

Me: I love when people check in about projects and goals. It helps to keep me accountable. Will you ask me how my new website is coming along so I can start sharing with the world? Thanks dears <3